Restaurant Style Dessert

“Would you like some dessert?” Those five words you hear at a restaurant when you have already stuffed yourself with what you have ordered from the menu. Your brain says that you should answer with a polite “no, thank you.” However, your stomach is frantically busy pushing food aside to make a little spot for the delicious sweetness to complete a fantastic meal. Yes, restaurant-style desserts are something very few people can say no to, simply because of its taste and looks. With that said, is it possible to bring this decadence to the comfort of your own home without having to enjoy it in a restaurant? Yes! It’s possible and to tantalise your taste buds even further, have a look at the following beautiful desserts you can make at home:

Caramel Coffee Brownies

Who doesn’t love Brownies? Many restaurants give this decadence an extra twist by adding a dollop of ice cream on top while drowning the entire dessert in caramel sauce. Yes, I can almost hear you sighing. Your mouth is watering for one of these, right? Well, you can make it at home with an easy Brownie recipe, some ice cream and a lot of caramel sauce!

 Triple Decker Sundaes

For sinfully sweet desserts, restaurants make sure to triple the delight. Your classic Sundae becomes stacked with layers of ice cream, nuts, caramel, cookie crumble and generous amounts of whipped cream. With a cherry on top, this tripe decker becomes a mountain of pleasure. All you need to do in order to take this dessert home is stack the ingredients in a tall glass and enjoy!

 Banana Tarts

A huge favourite in restaurants, especially with kids, is the Banana Tart dessert. This amazingly crafted treat consists of cookie crumble that lines a cup filled with banana custard. To top it off, dollops of whipped cream and peppermint crisp bits are added. Simple to make, better to eat and sinfully sweet; the perfect combination!

 Chocolate Pecan Pie

You can never go wrong with Chocolate Pecan Pie! To make this dessert, you need to combine pecan nuts with melted chocolate and let it soak through. To finish the job, place it on top of a cup lined with cookie crumble. Deliciousness has never been this sweet…

 Apple Fritters

Fritters are made from deep-fried batter. To make apple fritters, you need to fry apple slices in this batter, making it a yummy mouthful of sugary warmness. It’s a classic luxury in South African restaurants and can easily become a favourite in your own home!

 Milk Tart

True to South African culture, the ever-popular Milk Tart has grown to become a family-favourite. What was once a simple dessert has made restaurants turn up the creativity. This dessert sees luxurious twists such as combining the cinnamon with peppermint crisp bits. Whatever you choose to do with your Milk Tart dessert at home, you can find inspiration for at a restaurant.

So, what are you waiting for? Let the sweetness fill your soul and make you love the simple things in life!

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