6 tips when choosing a tour guide

The day before that long overdue exotic holiday has arrived at last. Work has been a nightmare of juggling meetings, arranging flights, booking shuttles and choosing hotels. The one thing you haven’t had time to do is the proper research. How are you going to get to all the special places and avoid the tourist traps? Never fear, this is where your trusty tour guide will step in. They will help you move easily around and to show you the spots you wouldn’t find on any tourist map. We have 6 tips to help you choose a reliable tour guide:

Is your tour guide recommended by your hotel?

Choosing a tour guide that has an association with the hotel where you are staying is normally a great idea. Although most tour operators are independent, some of them will have earned a great reputation. These are the guys that will get a recommendation from the hotels, local cafes and restaurants. This means you will be getting someone people know and trust.
When travelling  alone, you need to have someone know where you are going and with whom. By letting your hotel know you will be sight-seeing with their recommended tour operator should give you some piece of mind should anything go wrong.

Book your tour in advance

Make an enquiry before you travel and try to gauge how the tour operator responds to your query. This can tell you a lot about how their business is operated, Look for things like are they friendly and helpful or do they make recommendations of interesting things to do and see in the area?
Trip Advisor has tour and attractions built into their site and app, you can view different tour packages and book online while making the rest of your travel arrangements.

Check their reviews

If they are a listed operator you should be able to run a quick search and see their reviews. Read about the experiences other people have had with them. A good idea is to compare rates with other tour operators in the area by viewing different packages on offer and find the best operator at the best rate.

Consult a Travel Agency

Travel agents often put together holiday and tour packages incorporating the best sights and activities in a country or city. These are guided tours that are aimed at groups or the individuals allowing you to choose the best for yourself. You will get some great packages from Flight Centre and Pen Travel

Ask the internet

Social media is our friend. It is a great place for advice and tips and trick. Facebook has a “Get Recommendations” feature that allows you to ask for advice on where to go for just about any service you can think of.

Find a local to show you around

Now here is something I am sure not many people have thought about but it is an option that is sure to give you an authentic experience. Why not get a local to show you around. If you visit a site called showaround you will be able to find a local from almost anywhere in the world to show you around their city.

So now all that remains for you to worry about is making sure that the underwear and tooth brushes are packed and those flight tickets are in hand. Your trip of a lifetime has arrived and you are fully prepared

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