Pet Insurance - 6 Things to know

The last thing you’d ever want is to have your furry friend ill or injured, and then not have an adequate pet insurance plan in place for them. It is worthy to note that most vets require a deposit before performing any operations. In addition the end costs can easily sky rocket!

Never fear, we take a look at the 6 things you need to keep in mind when choosing this all important insurance cover.

Pet insurance and your pet’s age

It’s always so sad having an ill pet in the house. So, put your mind at ease by taking insurance on your pet. It is especially wise to do this while they are still young. Some insurance companies won’t insure your pet if they are younger than eight weeks or older than eight years, so make sure you get the logistics sorted in time.

Insurance cover for third-party liabilities

Pet Insurance third party cover - 6 Things
If you have a very hyperactive retriever that likes to damage your neighbour’s fences, pet insurance is very handy. Inquire with your pet insurer about cover for third party liabilities. This will assist you replacing property damaged by your pet or provide cover if someone is accidentally injured.

Remember a healthy diet means a healthy pet

A healthy pet is a happy pet! And to keep him in his best form, you’ll need to supply him with good nutrition, vaccinations and general health care. Along with the correct cover you can acquire sophisticated treatment. This together with regular visits to the veterinarian will help to give you many happy years with your pet.

Looking for a friendly budget insurance package? Customize your plan

Like any kind of insurance, you can agree to what your pocket allows. You can also get pet insurance plans that can be custom-made to accommodate your needs and budget. Some pet insurers offer a range of coverage options and now. Remember, adequate pet insurance will give you the freedom to do what’s right for your pet and not just what you can afford.

A good insurance policy can help in finding your missing or stolen pet

Pet Insurance covering missing pet - 6 Things
This is often not pleasant when it happens. A missing pet is heart wrenching and so a good pet insurance policy will cover the cost of advertising for your missing pet. Beyond that, the insurers also place a reward for the safe return of your pet. This is one less worry for you during the emotional strain. Thank goodness to technology because today there are several pet trackers that can be used to track your pet’s location. Very handy indeed!

Pet insurance can cover your pet’s hereditary condition

Like humans, our pets can also suffer from serious health problems and other life-threatening conditions. Sadly, many of these conditions are inherited or are caused by rigorous inbreeding. Of cause if this is the case, it’s always a good idea to get pet insurance as soon as possible. But note that some pet insurance providers keep in mind your pet’s age and other restrictions. This might require an extra fee to be paid.

Now that we have covered all the benefits here are 6 companies that specialise in pet insurance or who can help you compare prices for the best budget insurance available.

Dotsure, Hollard Pet, PetSure Administration, PawPaw Pets, Genric Pet and last but not least, Hippo to compare prices.

Don’t delay, get an insurance package for your pet and be able to spend many happy and carefree years building those special memories.

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