Winter Shoes

Get your shoe tick-list ready, here are the 6 perfect pairs of shoes for winter:


Are they slippers? Are they boots? The debate is ongoing and won’t end any time soon –  all we know is that Uggs are comfortable and they go with literally EVERYTHING. Plus they come in different styles and finishes for cold days, rainy days, lazy days and every other day really.

Definitely a top winter essential.

Thigh-High Boots

Combine a comfy woollen dress, cute felt hat and pretty suede thigh-length boots and what do you get? Ultimate style and comfort! Knee-length and thigh-high boots have gotten the thumbs up by the fashion police this season. Both sexy and versatile, they can go from the office to ladies night with just a change in lipstick shade!

Luscious velvet or racy leather, whatever style – transform any look into a straight-off-the-runaway ensemble in a flash!

Ankle Boots

Look your best from head to toe with stylish ankle boots. These winter shoes have made our list because they are available for both men and women. Available in suede or leather, with laces or without, zips or buckles, these noble shoes will keep you warm throughout the nippy season. We also love these winter shoes because of their versatility and endurance on a shoe-string budget.


No shoes say, “It is winter!” than a cute pair of booties! Get an alluring pair in burgundy, beige, brown or a dark chocolate… you won’t resist adding these winter shoes in your basket! These shoes are our favourite since they fit in with any winter outfit. Whether you are feeling cute in a floral dress teamed with thick stockings, or you prefer a chick look with tight jeans and classy blouse and blazer, booties – in their assorted colours and designs – make them the perfect winter shoes.

Wedge Boots

Throw in a bit of edge to your winter wardrobe with a funky pair of wedge boots. Known to be extremely comfortable, these kinds of shoes will not leave your feet throbbing and toes sore and uncomfortable. Winter has its own displeasures, the last thing you’d want in your wardrobe is to have winter shoes that add to the winter gloom, sexy and comfortable – wedge boots are a winner.

 Dr Martins

Your winter closet does not need to only have old-cowboy boots handed down to you from your great-great grandad or whatever else winter fashion brings! Keep with the trends and get your hands on a fun and colourful pair of Dr Martins for that fun Saturday outing or lazy Friday at work. Besides the awesome nostalgia, they have launched some amazing new funky styles and bright colours to keep with the times, a sweet addition to your winter wardrobe.

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