Short Hairstyles
6 Short hairstyles to consider

Now ladies, we all know… an awesome hairstyle can be a sure showstopper and absolute confidence booster! Why let sloppy hair ruin a good day for you? Fuss no more! If you are having a bad day, don’t despair because we have our six short hairstyles that are turning heads. So…whether you are dressing down or hitting the town, see these six short hairstyles you might want to consider.

Short Pixie Cut

This short hairstyle can never get old. It’s a sweet classic considered a favourite for a clean, versatile and fresh look. The short pixie cut is our go-to hairstyle for any day and ofcourse a cosy picnic date with someone special. Because it is an effortless look, maintenance won’t break your bank balance making this short hairstyle is a winner.


How can we not include the timeless bob cut in our list of short hairstyles. Stars like Emma Roberts, Cara Delevingne and Taylor Swift have rocked this simple, feminine look for glitzy Hollywood red-carpet events. Add a bit of flare to your bob with razor sharp edges or create a cute bang to go with this loved short hairstyle!


Curls are stunning and here to stay! Turn heads with an alluring short hairstyle with bouncy curls just below the ears. This short hairstyle is flattering for anyone who is willing to put in extra minutes in creating the perfect curls. The process is simple requiring a curling wand and a dash of flare and voila… picture-perfect curls.

Natural-Hair twist out

This look shouts gorgeous! It’s a lovely, subtle and stunning short hairstyle for natural hair. Perfect for a night out, attending your bestie’s wedding or heading to the movie house with your loved one, this short hairstyle will not disappoint. Another bonus is, a twist out is easy and quick to make. There’ll be no need to rush to the hairdressers! Just make sure you have a good ol’ tub of coconut oil or an efficient moisturizer nearby.

Flat and Forward

Now ladies… before we roll over and say no to this bold look… let’s see it’s benefits. Sleek, clean and simply minimal. Rihanna has rocked it best several times and RiRi has never disappointed! Just straighten your hair flat, push it forward for an unruffled look and watch as it perfectly frames your face. The cherry-on-top with this short hairstyle with gorgeous old school round frame sunglasses.

Fades, fade and more fades

The best for last… well only if you love the eccentric-kind of short hairstyles! Fades and side cuts are making waves this season. Whether you prefer a taper fade, a trendy dye colour or funky shaved sides, this short hairstyle has ladies taking their seat at barbershops in high numbers! Not only does this short hairstyle provide for a clean and really attractive finish… but it fits in with any occasion, outfit and personality

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