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Our great food truck revolution is in full swing. The growing number of food trucks in South Africa is testament to this delicious phenomenon.

Slowly but surely, we will be ordering our lunch from a moving truck…even better, we’ll be indulging in scrumptious desserts from the side-window of a colourful four-wheel vehicle! Move over mortar-and-brick eateries and hello to modern restaurants on wheels!

From gourmet cupcakes, ice cream, sandwiches and burgers to a swig of health juices and smoothies… we have listed our 6 favourites.

Earthfire Pizza – Wood Fired Pizza

Pizza Food Truck-6 Things
Who can say no to scrumptious gourmet pizzas? Now, you can have it all. A crunchy base bedding an assortment of toppings! Yes, the Earthfire Pizza food truck is here and making waves with their traditional wood burning oven where the pizza is prepared. Available at The Range Friday Night Markets in Tokai and the Route 44 Market in Stellenbosch on Saturday and Sunday, the Earthfire Pizza truck will see you returning for seconds!

Die Wors-Rol – Gourmet Worsrolle

If you love worsrolle like most of us, then you are in luck! Located in and around Cape Town’s CBD, Die Wors-Rol Food Truck is a must-visit. This glorious hot dog truck has many licking their lips with delight. They serve 22cm long, 100% pork sausage, made by the Sweetwell Farm in Stellenbosch! Also, the health-conscious lot are in luck because all Die Wors-Rol products are locally sourced and organic. Their yummy sauces are homemade and if you are hosting some people, this food truck caters for up to 1000 people.

Tutto.Food Co – Spanish flair

Paella Food Truck-6 Things
If your taste buds dance from explosive, bold and fresh flavours of seafood tossed and prepared in Spanish pans, then the Tutto. Food Co food truck is for you! They are visible at most events and festivals, but can also be found at Neighbourgoods Market in Joburg. Their menu offers a vary of seafood favourites like prawns, calamari and clam meat…so visit them and fill up!

Kreativ Juices

This food truck is a sure favourite for all us who love all-healthy juices and smoothies. Kreativ Juices offers yummy and healthier juice options, which will quench your thirst, while keeping you slim and trim. It’s also worth noting that Kreativ Juices whips up the best fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies at affordable prices. So, make a stop at their truck every Wednesday at the Kenilworth Racecourse from 4pm to 9pm and grab one of their mouth-watering health drinks.

El Burro – Hot and spicy

Tacos Food Truck-6 Things
How cool is it, that the superb Mexican El Burro restaurant in Greenpoint is also available on wheels! Imagine lunching on their yummy Mexican tacos and smoked jalapenos stuffed with cheese, nachos, roast chilli salsa, quesadillas… who can say no! The Taco Van is their restaurant-on-wheels and serves all your favourite, lip-smacking hot and spicy foods. Remember to pop by this food truck the next time you are craving all things hot!

All-Sweet-Things Food Truck

These days, food trucks can be found almost anywhere. If you have a sweet tooth that nudges you every so often, you are sure to find an all-sweet-things truck. Gourmet cupcakes, frozen yogurts with real fruit bits and ice cream are causing up a storm… a sweet one anyway. Nowadays, you can sink your teeth into strawberries and champagne flavoured cupcakes as well as death by chocolate ones! Depending on the mobile kitchen’s services, most of these succulent treats can be delivered right to your doorstep too.

So, keep those gym memberships fully operational and allow yourself to have guilt free spoils from these amazing food trucks in South Africa.

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