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Mediterranean cruise anyone? All aboard, time to set sail! You’ve seen the pictures of these beautiful, modern sparkling hotels of the seas offering a treasure trove of luxury experiences. Close your eyes and let your mind explore the taste of amazing cocktails. Feel the Mediterranean sun on your skin and the sea breeze blowing all of your stress away. If this picture grips your soul then a trip on one of these luxury cruise ships must top your bucket list. We have put together a list of 6 luxury cruise ships that will give you an experience of a lifetime.

 Cruises on the SeaDream II – SeaDream Yacht Club

6 Things -SeaDream II
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Ultra-luxury needn’t belong to the huge cruise ships alone. The Sea Dream II operated by Sea Dream Yacht Club is one such example. Boasting 96 crew and a maximum guest list of 112 passengers you are sure to be treated as royalty. Your chic ocean view stateroom or suite will be your private haven on your high sea adventure. It will envelope you in the finest Belgian linens, luxurious blankets, Bvlgari bath products and monogrammed pyjamas.

Venturing above deck you will be spoilt for choice. Her retractable marina offers many on-board activities such as glass-bottom kayaks, stand-up paddle boards, and Laser sailboats. The golf simulator will keep your game on par. Yoga classes, an outdoor movie experience, cocktail bars, restaurants and of course the pool will similarly ensure no dull moment. Her itinerary covers idyllic Caribbean and Mediterranean cruises with stopovers at many beautiful ports. For those that are looking for exciting transatlantic cruises, never fear. She also offers a couple of 13 to 14 day trips across the open ocean.

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Royal Caribbean – Symphony of the Seas

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From the intimate luxury to sensory overload. The Symphony of the Seas set sail on her maiden voyage in March 2018 from Barcelona. This officially made her the largest of the passenger cruise ships ever built. Her statistics offer a mind bending view of modern nautical innovation. The 2759 cabins accommodate around 6680 passengers. Combined with her crew numbers in the region of 2200 means that she can carry about 9000 people.

The Symphony of the Seas’s design ensures that despite her staggering passenger numbers there is no inkling that you are one of the masses. Attractions are spread evenly throughout her 7 “environments”. These include the peaceful Solarium,  Central Park  and the family orientated Splashaway Bay. As to be expected from a ship of this size the list of activities, and many “world firsts” is almost unparalleled. Cruises on this beauty are experiences you will treasure for years.

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Celebrity Edge

Moving on from the largest to a marvel still in the making. Yup, as of the time of writing this article, the Celebrity Edge is still undergoing her sea trials however this has not stopped her gathering an almost cult-like following. Her industry challenging innovations abound. Most evident is her floating deck known as the Magic Carpet. Travelling up and down the side of the ship this “extra space” serves many functions. From a disembarkation point when stopped on Deck 2 to a fine dining area suspended over the ocean in the evenings when stopped on deck 16 this innovation is a sure winner.

The Celebrity Edge offers a generous 12% of her accommodation to suites. Variety is key from a Penthouse suite overlooking the bridge to duplex villas with private plunge pools there is a piece of heaven for every-one. Her sea view rooms sport another industry disrupter, “infinity” balconies. This innovation extends your stateroom right to the edge of the vessel. Pushing a button slides the top half of your cabin-wide window down thus giving you a glass railed balcony. The Celebrity Edge is due to set sail on her maiden voyage in December 2018, so if you can, book your place today.

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Disney Fantasy – Disney Cruises

Just when you thought the list of incredible experiences to be had on  cruise ships couldn’t grow any longer, we have to introduce you to a whole other dimension. The Disney Fantasy is ready to whip you and your family into a world of wonder and enchantment. Catering for any number of luxury adult needs such as fine dining, spas, cocktail bars, and gyms, a cruise on the Disney Fantasy will spirit you into the wonderful worlds of many of your favourite Disney characters.

Broadway-style shows such as Disney’s Aladdin, Disney’s Believe, Disney Wishes, A Fantasy Come True, and An Unforgettable Journey will enthrall you. “Star Wars Day at Sea” is also a coming attraction on select sailings. “Feel the Force” with surprise sightings and character experiences with many Star Wars characters. Train to be a Jedi or join in a ship-wide scavenger hunt. Disney’s cruises and destinations are endless, from visits to Alaska in 2019 to Caribbean cruises. Halloween on the seas and very special Christmas themed holiday cruises in November and December will be an unforgettable spoil.

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RMS Queen Elizabeth

A mention of Cunard Lines and hedonistic images of Blue Riband transatlantic cruise records being broken by cruise ships whose decks carried the most noble and influential people of the time race through one’s consciousness. It is therefore fitting that the legacy of romance, style and sophistication of these cruise ships of old has been upheld and thrives in Cunard’s RMS Queen Elizabeth. The evenings aboard this majestic queen of the seas is a buzz of excitement. Ladies slip into beautiful ball gowns and gentlemen don their dinner jackets in preparation for elegant balls, a night at the theater in their own private box or signature cocktails and canapés in the Commodore Club. Dinning aboard the Queen Elizabeth is above all, a gastronome’s delight. While a relaxed ambiance is offered by The Grills dining rooms, dining on a grand scale can be experienced in the Brittania restaurant.

The Grand Staircase sweeps you into a world of art deco elegance, spiriting you away to another time. Wood panels, mirrors, chandeliers overlook tables beautifully draped in white linen setting the stage for an exquisite dining experience. Still offering nostalgic transatlantic cruises the Queen Elizabeth has added many beautiful and exotic ports.

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Crystal Serenity

With all the amazing activities mentioned above you might be wondering how we can possibly add more variety. Well, the Crystal Serenity is a cruise ship that has long been renowned for her lavish entertainment. From large scale Broadway and West End productions to cocktail lounges and high energy dance clubs, she has it all. After-dinner drinks in the elegant Connoisseur Club is the perfect way to end the evening. The list of exciting entertainment such as instructional seminars, wine tasting and finally, exotic ports will make for an unforgettable cruise.

Voyages: Crystal Serenity Voyages
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A holiday voyage onboard one of these majestic cruise ships is an idyllic experience. The meeting of new friends from across the globe, seeing a new port sliding into view when you open your cabin curtains in the morning, not worrying about packing bags and catching connecting flights will leave your concept of travel changed forever.

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