6 Tunes you need on your road trip play list

Hands up, who’s not paying iTunes or Spotify  R59.99 per month?
Yep, that’s all it takes to stream or own the latest tunes and build a playlist for any occasion.

With over 45mil songs on iTunes and 30mil on Spotify there is so much to listen to. Research shows that around the age of 33 you tend to stop listening to more popular music and tend to stick with what you already like or have.
So, if this is you, buck the trend and once you’re on, experiment a bit. iTunes has radio stations that play song after song in a different genre, 24/7. Like one? Quick, download the song, add it to a custom playlist and voila. Now you can build a new playlist with songs few friends have ever listened to. The beauty is now you are ready for any occasion with your own compilation.

Spotify adds a mood feature as a genre and allow you to create, share and follow other playlists. Easy if you like exploring. Only the premium account will offer you the ability to download songs and enjoy music without advertisements.

With so many songs to listen to we’ve selected 6 songs you need to have on your road trip playlist. The genre is Chill on iTunes:

Melatonin by Phoria

Melatonin by Phoria. A “super-smart and endearingly pieced together” song. Phoria, this UK electronic band, has a couple of upcoming shows.

Birdsong (feat. Zola Blood) by Claptone

Birdsong (feat. Zola Blood) by Claptone. DJ Claptone has brought us a song with a tempo and warm chords. Listen twice and you’ll see why this is on the list.

Falling Out by Otzeki

Falling Out by Otzeki. Two cousins coming together to produce a winner.

More than Music (feat Lucy Iris) by 16 Bit Lolitas

More than Music (feat Lucy Iris) by 16 Bit Lolitas. Another tune with a bit of tempo that will keep you awake while driving to the next picnic spot.

Touch by Haux

Touch by Haux. Search the band, Haux on iTunes or Spotify. They have a couple of other albums worth listening too.

Pull you Down by Washed Out

Pull you Down by Washed Out. Sing it like you mean it. Washed out is consistently producing great tracks. You might as well listen to some of their other albums as well.

If you have 5,000 tunes and none of them good, try these, build a playlist and keep it fresh. Remember once subscribed you’ll have millions of songs to set any mood.


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