6 Travel Hacks
6 Travel Hacks ensuring a carefree holiday

You have worked hard and now it’s play time – finding the perfect hotel is  theoretically easy but sometimes you get there and your perfect getaway can quickly turn into a nightmare. We have a 6 travel hacks to ensure your hotel is as advertised:

Use a reputable booking site or app

Using booking sites is your first travel hack. Booking sites and apps like Booking.com, Trivago, Trip Advisor and Hotels.com make it easy to view hotel information. When you book and pay online with any of them you will find it easy, efficient and secure. You will remove 80% of the admin of checking different hotels, comparing room rates and checking the all important location by using these sites. You will also find that you can check, redeem and earn your rewards or loyalty points on the sites as well.

Reviews, reviews, reviews

On most booking sites there is a review feature where real people can comment on their experience of an establishment. Since the reviews are said to be given independently we can mostly trust that they are true. Another way of checking reviews and real photos of hotels is to run a simple google search on the establishment. Google listings often have images taken by patrons and reviews attached. Google compares results from various booking sites so you don’t have to download all the apps for the best deal.

Ask a friend

Most people are on social media. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of the thousands of “friends” from all over the world. Join a few travel groups on Facebook and ask if anyone can recommend a hotel or has stayed at the hotel you are thinking of. People are very helpful and you will likely get an accurate picture of what the hotel is like in reality.

Make Contact

Either before you book or soon after, make contact with the hotel and speak to someone. Ask about the different amenities, services and offerings they have. It is also beneficial to check that your booking has been confirmed if you have booked from an external site. Speaking to a member of staff at the hotel will give you a sense of the mood of the hotel. If the concierge is surly or rude, you might want to keep looking for a hotel with nicer people. Chat to local tour guides and they will also have an idea of what your chosen establishment is like.

Are there other hotels close by? What are they like

This is one of the very important travel hacks. Customers can use the location of the hotel and the other hotels in the area to judge the standard the hotel. If your chosen 5-star establishment is in a dingy part of town surrounded by 2-star hotels, you might want to rethink your choice.

It’s time to check in!

Depending on where you’re travelling to, it’s a good idea to check in as early as possible. Use this time to assess the standard of your room and the hotels’ other facilities. Do a thorough check before you get settled in and bring any unsatisfactory elements to the Hotels attention, Doing this from the get-go will save you the stress of arguing a few days into your stay. In most cases minor issues can be resolved very quickly, you might even score an upgrade to a sweet suite.

So with all your careful vacation planning done from the comfort of your home, all that remains to do is to round up your special people and head off into the sunset for an amazing holiday knowing that all of your needs are catered for and that it is someone elses turn to pamper you.

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