The Perfect Pizza

There is nothing as glorious as the smell of a pepperoni pizza make an entrance from the oven. The first bite of heaven soothes your soul and the oh-so-yummy flavour lingers on your tongue. Ah yes, a modern-day marvel called pizza definitely makes the world a better place. In order to make it live up to these expectations, you should take note of the following magic things to make your perfect meal.

 Make sure your dough is kept at room temperature

To make a dough that isn’t too sticky or too dry, you need to make sure the dough is kept at room temperature. If using dough bought in a store, let the dough stand for a while until its temperature is right.

 Two types of cheese will do the trick

It is a common misconception that pizza is somewhat of a junk food. The toppings of you use will determine if it is healthy or not. If you are using mounds of full-cream cheese, then yes, it may not be as healthy. But if you make use of low-fat cheese with some mozzarella (because a pizza isn’t really a pizza without mozzarella, right?), you balance taste with health in mind.

 Pick a sauce that goes with your toppings

When making a meaty pizza with pepperoni, bacon, ham or fillet, choose a sauce with a thick tomato base. This will  bring out the taste of the meat. When going for a veggie option, choose a white sauce stuffed with herbs of your choice to enhance flavour. When it comes to chicken toppings, you can go with either type of sauce as long as it makes your world a better place!

 For the perfect base, you need a pizza stone

Baking your base in an oven on a simple plate won’t give you that crispy crust you want. It could even become soggy. No one wants this! To avoid making this mistake, invest in a pizza stone. The stone heats your entire crust, giving it a smooth bake all around, ensuring crispy, yet juicy bites every time.

 To finish off the masterpiece, sprinkle a little cheese

Just like when you sprinkle a little cheese over a pasta dish before serving it, you need to sprinkle a little cheese over your creation before serving it. Yes, it may already have cheese on it but as it bakes in an oven the cheese flavour may not be as strong as it should be. Therefore, to make sure the flavour lingers as long as possible, sprinkle a little decadence before taking a bite.

 Pizza and wine are best friends

Many people prefer beer with pizza. As you are already eating carbs, why not smooth it out with a glass of sparkling white wine? A light red wine will also do the trick and will give the perfect finish to your delicious Italian marvel.

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