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You finally got around to getting approved for some holiday time with your family! But before you can start packing, you need to take note of the following 6 home security tips. This will ensure your home will be safe while you are away for some fun in the sun.

Ask your neighbour to keep an eye on your property

If you are on good terms with your neighbour or someone else living nearby, ask them to keep an eye on your property. They don’t have to stay in your home while you are away. They simply need to take a few minutes each day to take a walk around your property. This way, a potential burglar who might be watching the house will know that there are eyes watching and he’s better stay away.

Lock up before you go

When you are ready to leave for your holiday destination, make sure you lock every single door, window and opening to your home. Do not forget to set your home security system.This way, you add an extra barrier of security to your home and the contents therein.

Timers on electronic devises is a must

If you are on holiday, keeping the television or hall lights on might come to extra expenses when the electrical bill comes at the end of the month. However, if you install timers on your electronic devises, you need not worry about this. If you set a lamp or two to go on and off during the night, it seems as if people are in fact residing in the house, sending burglars a clear “stay away” sign.

Leaving the blinds open while you are away

Before you go on holiday, remember to leave one or two blinds open around the house. This might sound strange as you wouldn’t want someone to peep into your house while you are not there. But you need to think of it this way; a house that is closed up entirely for an entire week is a clear target for burglars as the only thing they see is an easy target.

Social media is a dead giveaway

Don’t think that burglars are not part of a social media network. If you share your holiday memories on social media and “check in” everywhere you go, you send a message into the world that you are not home. This makes you easy prey. Rather share images and stores once you get home.

Spare keys under the pot

The clichéd spare key under a potted plant gives potential burglars a big welcome when entering your house. Don’t fall victim to this as this renders your home security system almost useless. Even if it means taking all the keys to your house on holiday with you, do so.

Don’t let the lasting memory of your holiday be destroyed by coming home to a burgled house. Make sure you make use of all the above-mentioned security tips when going on holiday and come back refreshed, re-energised and burglar-free!


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