6 Things - 6 greek islands

“Perfection is a road, not a destination. Every time I live, I get an education”.  This quote from Burk Hudson sums up the mystical Greek Islands so well. By getting to live the lifestyle for even a short while you will come to realise how perfect they are. Any journey should at least lead you to one of these 6 idyllic Greek Islands:


6 Things – Oia Santorini

Also known as Thera in Greek, Santorini is a very special island to visit. Although small it has so much to offer the inspired traveller. Set up your base in one of the beautiful hotels set in the cliffs and plan your days next to sparking infinity pools that seem to drop off into the deep blue of the Agean Sea.

Take the easy 10 km hike on the path from Fiera to Oia to orientate yourself. Best idea is to take a tour guide for this excursion because you will learn so much about the island. Spend a lazy day on the black volcanic sands of Perissa and Perivolos beaches. Take a tour through Akrotiri a prehistoric city preserved beneath a bio-climatic shelter. Savour the taste of ancient vineyards in Santorini’s renowned wine, Vinsento. End the day watching the sun sinking into the Aegean revitalising your soul, leaving you with lifelong romantic memories.

Where to wine-taste? Artemis Karamolegos Winery, Domaine Sigalas, Venetsanos Winery, Vassaltis Vineyards
Where to Stay? Bellonias Villas, Andronis Concept, Adronis Luxury Suites, Enigma Apartments & Suites,
Where to eat?  Le Ciel Restaurant, Throubi Restaurant, PitoGyros Traditional Grill House, Casa di Te Santorini
Where to have your Wedding? Venetsanos Winery,Le Ciel Restaurant


6 Things – Crete Monastery

Being the largest of the Islands, Crete offers visitors many amazing sights, sounds, and activities. As one would expect, the beaches are pristine. The largest beach is 12km long and sporting the prestigious  ”Blue Flag” status is found at Rethymno. Crete’s rich history comes alive between her ancient Minoan Palaces set against magical backdrops. If you are amongst the more adventurous, indulge yourself in Crete’s many hiking trails and sporting activities. For the more romantic this Greek Island will hold your heart captive with exquisite cuisine and breathtaking sunsets.


6 Things – Mykonos Waterfront Restaurants

This Greek Island is a hedonistic blend of modern and traditional Greek island life. Your days and nights here will be packed tight with things to do. Outdoors is the place to be because the sunny days are perfect for skiing, jet-skiing, windsurfing, horseback riding or lazing on one of the beautiful beaches. Wind down your days sipping cocktails at one of the many restaurants right on the water. If you are lucky you might find a beautiful cruise ship anchored just offshore. Mykonos has a vibrant nightlife attracting the crowd of stylish, sun-bronzed revelers who party the night away. This is one Greek island you have to visit.


6 Things – Beach on Skiathos

Think “Mama Mia” and you have the correct island in mind because it is this here that the famous movie was filmed. The lush greenery, plentiful water, and long white sandy beaches make Skiathos a beautiful addition to your Greek Island experience. A visit to one of the harbour-side restaurants will wow your taste buds while you soak in the sights and sounds of authentic Greek life.


6 Things – Corfu Achilleion Palace

Mystical and majestic are perhaps the best words to describe this special Greek Island. Tour the Achilleion Palace built by Sisi, the “Sad Empress of Austria”. She was fascinated with the Mythical Achilles and had this palace built in admiration of him. Venetians, English, French, Russians, and Greeks have all lived on the island and have imprinted their mark on the island’s diverse culture. The opulent hotels, stately buildings, forts, marching bands, beautiful beaches and exquisite scenery all ensure you have an unforgettable experience.


6 Things – Grand Masters Palace – Rhodes

One of the best preserved medieval settlements in the world, “Old Town” can be found on Rhodes. This UNESCO World Heritage site is a must-see because Rhodes was home to the Colossus which was one of the 7 wonders of the ancient world. Unfortunately, nothing remains of the huge statue which was said to guard the harbour entrance but let your imagination run wild and you will get an idea of how massive it would have been. No trip to Rhodes Island would be complete without a visit to the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes. For those wanting a slightly different experience, take a Segway tour through the City of the Knights.

The list of amazing activities, sights, and tastes on these 6 Greek Islands is unparalleled so don’t delay. Book the adventure of a lifetime and soak up the mystical and addictive lifestyle that most only dream about.

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